Sponsor Spotlight: Van Eperen

Every month or so, we are going to highlight a chapter sponsor so you can learn more about them, and possibly connect with them as they have done so much to support our chapter. We want to thank Laura Van Eperen, Founder and CEO of Van Eperen, for participating in the spotlight. Here are the details:

Laura Van Eperen, Founder and CEO of Van Eperen

Laura Van Eperen, Founder and CEO of Van Eperen

Q: Tell us more about Van Eperen and your role there:
Answer: Van Eperen is an award-winning, integrated communications agency that serves regional, national and international clients in the public and private sectors. We blend PR, digital, social and creative strategies to drive meaningful results. I founded Van Eperen in 2004 to deliver on promises made to clients during the search process. I worked as a broadcast journalist for five years and then transitioned to communications. In total, I’ve been telling stories for 23 years. Ethics, integrity, responsiveness and results are what drive me and my team of technology-savvy communicators who integrate innovative methods with proven principles.

Q: How long has Van Eperen been involved with PRSA-NCC?
Answer: Our Senior Vice President, Karen Addis, APR, has been an active member of the chapter for 30 years. In fact, the chapter recently profiled her in a Member Spotlight.

Q: Is there anything you want to tell our members about Van Eperen that we may not know?
Answer: When we say integrated, customized communications, we mean it. Van Eperen is up-to-date on the latest and greatest digital communications tools and technologies. We incorporate new platforms, processes and channels with traditional tried-and-true public relations practices to drive results for clients. From live-streaming videos, designing and developing websites, we can conceptualize and execute full digital campaigns as well as pick up the phone and land traditional media.

Q: What do you like best about working with Van Eperen so far?
Answer: The best thing about working at Van Eperen is the level of collaboration. We are a team of high-achieving seasoned strategists and practitioners and there are times when we are all in the conference room just brainstorming or collaborating on a single project. It’s always interesting to hear the new ideas and approaches from our millennial staff and it’s great to work directly with them on a regular basis because we learn so much from each other. We produce excellent client results because we are always on our toes.

Q: How can our members learn VanEperen_logo_tagline_RGBmore, get more information about what Van Eperen has to offer?
Answer: Members can visit our website at www.vaneperen.com, follow us on Twitter (@VanEperenAgency) and like us on Facebook. Feel free take a look at some of our blogs and join our mailing list to receive helpful content.


PRSA-NCC Sponsor Spotlight: News Generation by Kelsey Pospisil

Tell us more about your company and your role there?

News Generation is an issue-driven media relations agency specializing in using broadcast media to earn coverage for associations, non-profits, government agencies, and clients of PR firms. My role on the team is client & media relations associate. I love getting to experience many different aspects of the business and work closely with all of my fellow team members.

How long has News Generation been involved with PRSA-NCC?

We have been involved with PRSA-NCC in one way or another for 12 years – and counting! Susan Matthews Apgood started News Generation in 1997, and has been very involved with the PRSA-NCC by sponsoring the chapter as well as chairing committees such as Thoth, Professional Development and Sponsorship.

News Generation Sponsor Spotlight

News Generation Team

Is there anything you want to tell our members about News Generation that we may not know?

We LOVE Georgetown Cupcakes….literally…love them. Any excuse to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or Tuesday…you can expect to see us carrying a pink box into the office. Don’t believe me? Just look how happy Susan is in the picture!

What do you like best about working with PRSA-NCC so far?

PRSA-NCC offers a wonderful opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. As a sponsor, we are able to help support the great programming of PRSA-NCC. As members, myself and my co-workers are able learn and gain professional development from that programming. It’s the best of both worlds.

How can our members learn more, get more information about what News Generation has to offer?

The best place to go for more about how you can earn broadcast coverage by partnering with us is www.newsgeneration.com. We also have a news site that reporters go to for great stories where we host all of our clients’ content. Check it out at www.broadcastnewsresource.com.