Recap of October 25 Workshop: Driving Your Social Media Strategy

To summarize the event in one sentence: when in doubt with your social media strategy, create a pyramid and canvas. You’re probably thinking, what does the nutrition chart have to do with social media? You need to talk to Social Driver. Why? Because sometimes drawing your work is fun. And even if it’s not, it helps us to visually conceptualize our approach to social media.

Social Driver, a D.C. digital agency, presented Driving Your Social Media Strategy, the first event of the Social Media Boot Camp Series on developing an “owned media” strategy. The event included two visuals that helped attendees plot their social media roadmap. The first visual represents a pyramid, ranging from inner circle to unconnected, and unconnected being the largest audience.

The visual is good to help serve as a guide, since often times we really miss out on conversations with people that we should be talking with. Using this approach, we will be able to cut down the number of contacts we’re monitoring and add value in additional conversations with those people.

Along with the pyramid, attendees explored the social strategy canvas. It has four recurrent areas, listening, talking, sharing, and engaging. The canvas areas,when used simultaneously, help expand and assess your current digital strategy. The listening and talking approach builds an organization-centric roadmap. What else you ask? The talking and sharing areas help segment communication to empower and grow your audience. In the engaging and listening areas, plan how to strengthen relationships and nurture your dedicated audience. Then lather, rinse and repeat.

More importantly talk to people, people. If you solely send out links to your website and do not engage; it’s like walking into a networking event, silently passing out your business cards and walking out. This was among Social Driver’s many insightful analogies.

Recognizably, we had an action-packed agenda for the first event, and what came from Social Drivers’ Managing Director Anthony Shop (@afshop) and CTO Thomas Sanchez (@thomassanchez) was amazing. The moderator and PRSA-NCC Past President, Jeff Ghannam (@Ghannam4) of Crystal Communications & Marketing, LLC did a great job driving the discussion.

Stay tuned for more social media goodness over the next few events. Better yet, join the action and register.

By Lauren Schultz, PRONet Committee. Co-Chair. Lauren is a Buckeye transplant in DC. She loves books, dogs, yoga & all things digital. For work, she is a Project Coordinator at the Association for Career and Technical Education. Say Hello at @lashleyschultz