Celebrating APR Month: It Takes a Pro

AsSuzanne Ross a skilled PR professional, you know that your success is dependent on staying relevant, resourceful, connected and inspired.

However, earning the Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) credential is a challenging process that often surprises even the most accomplished public relations professional.

Using time-tested communication principles involving a strategic framework for applying theory, research, ethical principles and contemporary best practices, APR candidates gain insight into personal strengths and opportunities for growth while demonstrating their professional achievement.

Recent APRs commented that the APR process strengthened their confidence, their team leadership and contributions to business outcomes.

APRThese three letters: APR, are internationally recognized in the public relations profession, as a badge of broad experience, depth of industry knowledge, strategic perspective and sound professional judgment.

The credential signifies to hiring managers and clients that you possess ambition and discipline, which indicates that you are likely to be a “go-getter,” someone who conducts research to underpin strategic insight; someone who reliably delivers professional products and services on time and within budget.

Research over the past 50 years confirms that the value of the APR continues to hold steady as those with the credential consistently enjoy higher-level professional roles that can lead to greater financial rewards.

APRs commitment to life-long learning of cutting-edge public relations practices is not only required for maintaining the credential, but also for meeting the demands of a dynamic, high-growth industry.

The APR committee of the National Capital Chapter is comprised of APR volunteers who offer professional development training, facilitated coaching, mentorship, and support to help you attain APR excellence.

Join the chapter’s network of nearly 150 inspired APRs and demonstrate that you are an industry leader: Learn more about how to earn your APR and properly position yourself in the competitive public relations field.

Suzanne Ross
Accredited in Public Relations
Chair, APR Committee, PRSA/NCC

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