Is DC the Center of the PR World?

You could make a powerful argument that the industry’s best minds inevitably do or have practiced in Washington, DC at some point. It only makes sense with national elections contingent on public will; the government’s day-to-day business of serving America; the need of businesses to lobby the government and the overwhelming number of national nonprofits located in Washington.

That’s why we are hosting Demand Success, the largest PR and marketing conference in the Mid-Atlantic, in Washington, DC (June 5 and 6). We at Vocus, one of the country’s largest PR software vendors, recognize that a major PR conference should be held in DC every year.

Our experience building software has shown us how social media and data are reshaping public relations for the better. It’s also why the increasing power of PR is a central focus of Demand Success.

What do we mean by PR’s increasing power?

Data and measurement prove how important earned media is to business success.

Expert content from media and trusted bloggers impacts buyers with an 88 percent better lift (likelihood to drive someone to buy) than branded content, according to Nielsen. User-generated content offers only a 38 percent “lift.” While everyone continues to concentrate on content marketing, data shows that people trust media and their peers more than branded content.

Today’s PR pros have to adapt to many new tools and technologies to succeed, and help brands deliver ROI. To address these needs, our Demand Success keynotes include:

  • Web Analytics 2.0 author and Google Digital Marketing Evangelist Avinash Kaushik
  • World-renowned crisis communicator and inspiration for the hit TV show “Scandal” Judy Smith

Experience speaks volumes, which is why Demand Success will feature corporate communicators and PR leaders from:

  • NASA
  • Twitter
  • HootSuite

Finally, we have thought leaders who will address emerging trends in online media, such as:

While new technologies can empower, they also challenge. Limited time, distractions, rapid change and the need to adapt can leave anyone spinning. Our opening keynote Randi Zuckerberg will draw from her experiences as an entrepreneur and Facebook’s former marketing lead to share methods for handling distractions in today’s digital world.

Please attend and join other DC area minds in the sector for a robust discussion about PR. Use the code PRSA250 for a $250 discount.

by Breeanna Straessle, director of public relations, Vocus

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