Attending the mHealth Summit this week reminded of several things I tell clients about how I approach a convention.

1. Actually have news. Don’t plan a press conference unless you are announcing the cure for cancer or  a $10 million prize for the person/company that creates a real Tricorder, as Qualcomm recently did.

2. Have a plan: know the outlets you want to be in and what your best-case headline would be.

3. Set aside specific times in your executives’ schedules to do interviews.

4. Prep your executives. My favorite prep is a notebook with a schedule, speaking points, press release, and “back of the book” with a graph on each outlet, each reporter and some clips. If your exec relies on a mobile device, give her an electronic version (or both).

5. Prioritize outlets and writers.

6. Do give exclusives to your top writers.

7. Don’t scoop reporters by blasting your news all over the internet before you talk to them.

8. Keep engaging writers long after the show.

9. Wear comfortable shoes [the first thing my PR mentor told me].

Vicki Stearn, principal of Think Out Media, is an adept generalist with an expertise in strategic planning as well as end-to-end communications implementation.  She is successful in a variety of industries and is currently expanding her practice to include the mHealth and eHealth sectors. Follow her at or @vickistearn.


  1. Hi vicki–great common sense advice….sorry I couldnt make the conference this week….let’s get together again very soon!

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