6 Billion Mobile Phones; 7 Billion People = mHealth Care

Almost everyone on earth has a cell phone. Literally.

Six billion phone users; seven billion people on earth. And, we all need health care throughout our lives. Your well-being is in the palm of your hand.

This week the healthcare and mobile phone industries meet in Washington, D.C., at the fourth annual mHealth Summit. More than 5,000 people from 50 countries are expected to attend: Verizon, AARP, Pfizer, Oracle, StartuUpHealth, HP Cigna, Qualcomlife, mHIMSS, Beclose, Surescripts and many more.  Each jostling to take over a significant tranche of this sky-rocketing industry.

That’s why I’m here. To get a feel for the landscape and identify the companies and people who will really lead this industry and make mobile technology a vital tool to enhance patient/health provider engagement.

Technology can divide us; it can also bring us together.

Vicki Stearn, principal of Think Out Media, is an adept generalist with an expertise in strategic planning as well as end-to-end communications implementation.  She is successful in a variety of industries and is currently expanding her practice to include the mHealth and eHealth sectors. Follow her at www.thinkoutloudmedia.com or @vickistearn.

What do you think?

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